Qualitative N-95 (and equivalent) mask fit testing is an important component for the healthcare provider safety standards. As healthcare providers we are able to confidently care for our patients without distracting worry or concern for our own well being because we have a proven method of protecting ourselves.

Our team provides a unique solution to the necessary task of ensuring your employees are safe at work. Using qualitative negative pressure mask fit testing (following OSHA protocols) we are able to ensure a safe and secure fit of the masks your team members rely on.

Once a testing date and time has been established with BDI-Solutions, a custom link will be provided for your employees to fill out the required pre- evaluation questionnaire. Our physician will review these and either make contact with the individual employees or provide an emailed copy of their letter of approval for Fit-Testing.

Our on-site team will facilitate and provide the necessary training, fit-testing, and documentation for the employees. these reports will be submitted to the employer within 24-48 hours of the completion of the tests.

All records will be stored indefinitely in our HIPAA compliant cloud server, including; questionnaires; certificates; and test forms.

Prices for this service are $60/each with a discount for blocks of 10 employees ($50/each)