Bad Day Industries LLC is a Michigan based provider of highly customized training and consulting for public safety professionals and the private sector. We offer courses ranging from bleeding control and TECC/TCCC, response to workplace violence, to church security team training and consulting, to Enhanced Range Medical Officer, CPR/First Aid and other custom developed courses.

We are also a provider of initial EMS education through our MFR & EMT-Basic courses. Our team is able to provide these courses at your facility, which keeps your personnel closer to home. Our team is composed of educators with many years of progressive experience, bringing you the best value for your program. Our team of highly skilled operational medical educators come from various specialties which allows us to tailor courses to your needs.

Our team members are made up of Law Enforcement officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, SWAT medics, and EMS educators. BDI can also provide custom kit design and consultation. BDI is an authorized vendor of North American Rescue products, and has relationships with a number of other vendors, allowing you to obtain the right equipment for the task.Contact us today for a quote for your next training or equipment needs! or (616)227-3473

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

The TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) program is based on the more commonly known TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) program utilized by all of America’s warfighting clinicians. This 16 hour program focuses on the skill necessary to preserve life in order to move the casualty to higher echelons of care. The Bad Day Industries TECC course utilizes the NAEMT program, follows the latest C-TECC guidelines, and is based firmly on good operational practice. BDI believes that we must acknowledge the human elements of response to critical events, no matter if they are violent in nature or not. By not only recognizing the human effects of stress, fatigue, and sensory overload – our team of Operational Medical Educators are able to help prepare responders to provide good medicine in bad situations. One of the things we believe is that as EMS clinicians it is our job to modify our patient’s physiology, it is just as much our job to be able to manage our own physiology & psychology. This means being able to perform effectively under stress.

Some of the skills our students will master during the course:

  • Hemorrhage control using limb tourniquets, pressure dressings, and wound packing – all under simulated stress.
  • Airway management, as appropriate for the austere scenarios.
  • Casualty Movement
  • Decision making under pressure.
  • Selection, set up, and development of Casualty Collection Point.

Students will walk away from this program confident in their ability to respond to a critical incident in their area of responsibly. Our team customizes each program to fit the needs of the specific cohort of students. All levels of EMS provider are welcome to attend this program. We often have members of law enforcement or other non-medically trained personnel attend these classes as well.


Health Care Education

– American Heart Association Courses, including ACLS, BLS, PALS, PEARS. – NAEMT Courses, including PHTLS, TECC, AMLS, EPC. – Emergency Response Team simulation and preparedness drills. – Health Care Simulation

Public Safety Education

– American Heart Association Courses, including ACLS, BLS, PALS, PEARS. – NAEMT Courses, including PHTLS, TECC, AMLS, EPC. – EMS initial Education Courses. EMT & Medical First Responser – Law Enforcement First Responder training – T.A.C.T training for non-ems responders


Wilderness Eduction

– Wilderness First Aid – Wilderness Simulation – Team medical training

Prepration Consultation

– Kit Design – Response Plan Implementation