Bad Day Industries, LLC is excited to announce our newest service, BDI Professional Solutions. This service line provides single source turnkey solutions to many preparedness needs. We have developed a delivery model that will streamline the services in such a fashion that implementation of our services is not disruptive to your business. Our services will also promote more efficient regulatory and insurance compliance.

As our team of trainers and consultants are professional medical educators, we have made adult education our business. The way to train these critical tasks to a point where they can be used to make a difference is to practice them. Many training programs do not instill a sense of confidence in their participants who watch videos and potentially understand the concept – but do not posses the capability to perform the skill. The pedagogy of the adult learning is different than primary and secondary education, the approach needs to be modulated to fit the individuals to ensure they are better prepared to handle an emergency. 

Mask Fit Testing Services

Quantitative fit testing of Respiratory Protective masks is a crucial step in keeping our workforce safe and healthy. click here for more

CPR & AED Training

More and more these days we are finding that the most effective first -responder is the one who is there when the event occurs. In Michigan it is now a requirement for high school graduation to learn CPR. Is it also the responsibility of employers to ensure that their team members know what to do in an emergency. In these situations – seconds matter.

First Aid Training

As is the case with cardiac arrest – there are many situations where seconds truly matter and having trained personnel can literally make the difference between life and death.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Extinguishers are everywhere, including the workplace, yet how often does your staff get the chance to put their hands on a real, functioning fire extinguisher and practice the task of extinguishing an actual fire? This is an experience many employees never have. We have found that a single hands on experience with this can increase the effectiveness of anyone placed in this situation.

Emergency Planning

Having the training is good, but a cohesive team needs a plan. Our team will meet with your management team to develop effective plans and programs for if/when an emergency occurs at your place of business or site. Everything from who to call and what to do right down to how to manage the aftermath. Our occupational hygienists will assist in ensuring that the plans we create will augment good practice to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies.

Equipment Sales

One of the advantages of partnering with BDI for these services is the relationships we have with the manufacturers of the equipment necessary to keep your guests and employees safe. Also, as part of our subscription services – we will inspect and maintain the supplies associated with your First Aid kits and AEDs while our team is on-site.

  • Automatic External Defibrillator (AEDs) and Supplies (batteries and pads, etc)
  • First Aid Kits
  • Bleeding Control Kits
  • Fire Extinguishers

After-Event Services

Critical Events are a big deal. Even when they go relatively well – they are a big deal.

  • If those involved need additional counseling – then our relationships with counselors who have experience with these specific events can be beneficial. 
  • Clean-Up services – we have relationships with various biohazard cleanup services who will provide the clean-up at a discounted rate to our members.
  • Supply reconciliation – AED Pads, Medical Supplies, and other items will be replaced after use for members.
  • Debriefing & Defusing sessions – many of our team are peer-support certified. Leading a discussion about the critical event in the days after the event can be extremely helpful.

Education Delivery

In order to promote efficiency for your business and allow our training team to best utilize the time allocated to this task, we provide a combination of in-person task training and evaluation with an on-line platform for delivery of didactic material. This means no more closing the doors of the business to watch training videos all as a group. The students will accomplish the on-line portions at their own pace – engaged with the interactive learning models we employ to learn the concepts outside of the classroom. This allows our team of educators to build on that foundational knowledge when they meet in person to provide the practical experience of the training. Depending on the selection of the subscriber – there are many options that dictate how much time is spent on the computer platform. All written exams are performed on the digital platform – so there is no wasted time when the team is assembled to perform the hands-on session.