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Good Morning BDI Instructional Cadre,

As happens from time to time, we have identified a knowledge gap among some of our cadre. I am not upset when these things are brought to my attention, rather – I am excited. This is an excellent opportunity for us ALL to get better. I am so blessed to employ some of the finest clinicians and educators, my greatest expectation is that we are ALL striving to make each other smarter, better, faster, safer.

In our EMT class recently it was discovered that the latest extraglottic airway device to be added to our skill set has caused some confusion among our staff and our students. This to be expected, it is similar to some familiar devices – but it has some unique differences. Some of the specifics which were mixed up were the sizing of these as well as the task of suctioning.

  1. Sizing – this device uses estimated patient weight to determine which size to place. Unlike the King Tube which uses length (height) to determine the size.
    1. Large Adult
    1. Medium
    1. Small Adult
    1. Large Pediatric
    1. Small Pediatric
    1. Infant
  2. Suctioning – there is a port next to the 15mm ventilation lumen. This is for the introduction of a suction catheter. However, like the King device – this is for advanced providers only.
    1. EMT providers are only allowed to suction where they can see directly, unless they are suctioning an oral cavity and they are using the same method of measuring the suction catheter as they do the OPA.
  3. Oxygen port – this is for use in certain cardiac arrest resuscitations. By connecting an Oxygen supply flowing at no more than 8 LPM, it will create a ‘jet siphon’ flow of well oxygenated air delivered at the distal lumen of the EGA. This allows for the continuous compression resuscitation model to be performed while still providing oxygenation support.

More information on this device can be found on their Product Page

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  1. I’ve used several, the initial seal is tenuous at best, but as they warm to body temp I have been able to give PPV above 20cm without gastric insulation. I’ve even been able to completely paralyze the pt. Excellent tool.

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