Church Emergency Spontaneous Volunteers

Today there was a medical emergency at a church where one of our cadre attends. It was not a major emergency; it was one of those that generally resolve themselves quickly. This cadre member had the opportunity to respond with their designated church medical response team. This particular event gave them a chance to see a lot of things in action. Some of them great, Some of them good, and Some with opportunities to get better. This gave us the chance to reflect on some things and offer some advice to those who follow us.

First of all, if you’re a fire fighter, nurse, EMT, doctor, or other trained responded, and you’re not already volunteering with your church medical response team, then please go sign up. They need you; I promise. no matter what size church you attend, they certainly could benefit from your gifts¬†skills, and knowledge. The other reason you really need to participate in the team where you worship is this; you’ll understand and recognize the response capability inherent to the facility where you are at. This morning there was some confusion on the part of members of the community who are not part of the team as to the appropriate way to respond to the medical emergency. Reportedly there were a few members of a local fire department who witnessed the emergency and sprang into action to assist their fellow church goer. This is incredibly commendable, we applaud those first first-responders, as we know the outcome of the injured lies in the hands of those present at the time of injury and the value of trained persons integrated in all populations cannot be overstated. However, when these responders have expectations that do not fit the model setup by those who are part of a designated team, there is an opportunity for improvement.

This is where the good stuff happens, you put your hand up (figuratively), and say ahead of the event (left of the bang, if you follow that book). Then when the event happens, you are dialed in, ready to go, and all set to help. as others respond, you each know what to expect from each other, and you are all moving in the same direction.

The details of the events that transpired this bright sunny morning in a church somewhere in Michigan are not relevant, nor are the identities of those who volunteered to help their fellow man.

Each of these individuals are excellent prospects to join their church’s and we encourage you to step up ahead of time and become a part of the solution. In this time, we are beyond blessed by having such an incredible following of church going healthcare providers and responders, please don’t just share your gifts with your employer.


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